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Re: Now Never returned to the wild

Write some more on the watershed.  Would love to hear how it was cleaned
up and get progress reports.  


On Thu, 9 Jul 1998 Moontanman at aol_com wrote:

> No, I was trying to underscore that we are not the main or even a major
> contributor to the spread of aquatic disiase. Water fowl fly from continant to
> continant, turtles, aquatic mamals and other organisims migrate from stream to
> stream, and most water sheads are part of huge dranage systems that are all
> interconnected. All these things contribute to the spread of any aquatic
> organisms much more profoundly than humans except eviromental degredation.
> Polluted water and weakened immune systems of the fish that live in the
> pollution give rise to new pathogens, It is a rare event for a pathogen to
> have a major effect on heathy populations of fish in natural unpolluted
> conditions (non-aquarium or unaturally crowded) I'm sure it occurs, but I
> doubt humans have much influence one way or another.  By the way, I got to see
> first hand this weekend a recovering watershed. I have reletives that have
> managed to buy an entire water shead of a small creek, they have been working
> hard to return the land to it's natural condition, and cleaning up this stream
> and it's small tributaries were part of that, it is a wonderful place. No
> trash, no sewage, all the trash dump sites have been cleaned up, and the wild
> life is returning. had a great time!
> Michael