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Hair Splitting etc..............

Hello All,

I would like to stress to folks here that this list was not is not and
should not be used for political speeches , insults and hair splitting to
the nth degree. We have all done a bit of all of that in the last 24
hours please lets get back to a friendly discussion on topical
conservation native fish issues. NO POSITONS OF THE NFC WILL EVER BE
ACTIVITY. Positions will be made in private telephone or face to face
discussions . 

While I appreciate the concern expressed by our friends from the NANFA
BOD let me assure everyone we as an organization are procceding with the
highest conservation standards. We proceed with the ever present is it
good policy is it good science benchmark at each program. That is why the
exotic Removal Program involves only aquarium species at this time. That
was an area 
where all forces involved agreed it met the required benchmarks. 

We will produce organizational guidelines this year that will clearly
address bait/aquarium/collector releases and ornamental keeping of native
fishes. Be assured we are aggressivly pursuing this issue. When a
position is made we will contact the State and Federal Fishing agencies
and ask that they include similar guidelines in their fishing
manual.Unttil that point as I have stated we are focusing on the programs
allready in place. 

Let me also add that I work weekly with fisheries employees , politicians
and academics running various proposals thru all parties , NFC  is well
respected with all these diverse because we have the ability to accept a
good solution knowing full well it is not perfect all the while striving
for greater conservation of our native fishes.

Robert Rice

Save A Native Eat An Oscar <:)((((<

Check Out the Native Fish Conservany at NFC at actwin_com

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