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Re: Now Never returned to the wild !!!!

Well, here we are again!

	Now it goes to the "whose expert is bigger" phase, I suppose? Folks, at
some point it must be recognized that what really counts is whether the
individual will in fact follow a an organizational position, public
policy, or even the law. If you want to make it so no one can LEGALLY do
something, there will always be some that will do it anyway.
	That said, why be contentious at every opportunity on this issue? Just
to prove you can? Just to prove a point? To get information? To lead the
way to a higher consciousness? What? It gets so that it really is
pointless in this approach and format. Agreeing to disagree is one
thing, but the endless pursuit of perfection should be taken up with the
monks, cause they are the only ones that MIGHT want to take up the
cause, as they can afford it since they seek the isolationist lifestyle
for the most part.
	I may not be well versed in many things, but I'm quite sure isolation
and splintering of the membership into warring factions was not the
founding rational of this organization, though it could easily be
mistaken as the goal in other quarters. Let's build a sound organization
that has the strength of numbers where the voice that we have can be
heard above the din. Not to say we all have to agree, but where there is
disagreement, making a point and moving on seems better for the long
haul than camping on an issue till the creek dries up.
	This need go no further than simply saying, as Robert has, that the
policy will be reviewed and a statement issued about it later in the
year. Naturally there may be a request for more information from various
sources in this process, but that's not for me to say. I am sure that
the issue will not be ignored, or swept under the rug.
	Now since all are invited to chat about any issues that may concern
them at the ICQ chat site, I will invite all participants in this thread
to come have a good round of chatter about these and other issues there.
Real easy to accommodate sharing your ideas there, if you care to.
	These are my personal views on the matter, and no offense to any one is
intended by any part of this message.