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Exactly what I had in mind.  I would rather have an NFC publication 
produced by a number of NFC members than a book that is one person's 
work product.

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>Hi Dwight,
>	That's sort of what I was thinking, as it is well known the apparent
>success the AKA has had with this sort of thing. I was thinking along
>the lines of just a few webpages to point prospects towards as the
>"teaser", with the full enchilada at signup, course this can also be
>webpages, but the url is not linked to the other pages, so it would be
>"members only" material with the url provided at the time of
>confirmation of membership, could even be password protected if there
>was some need. For those that don't have either web access or email, a
>printed copy could be provided, but this most likely will not be a big
>problem at first.
>	Course, there's lots of ways to accomplish the passing of the
>materials, as long as the materials are available for it! Will you be
>asking for other members to submit ideas on collecting techniques and
>Dwight Moody wrote:
>> Herb:  A beginner's manual is not so far fetched.  The American
>> Killifish Association has a downloadable version (about 30 pages)on
>> their web site (located at http://www.aka.org). People who join get a
>> hardcopy version, which has colored pictures, etc.  Don't need to be 
>> fancy to start off with, however, we could provide the first few
>> chapters with the rest of the manual available once someone became a
>> member, which I have seen used online to advertise direct sales 
>> Probably the AKA online beginner's manual is a MAJOR recruitment tool 
>> they get hooked by reading the free manual, then have to join to get
>> access to the AKA Fish and Egg Exchange and other member-only 
>> I am starting to put one together and will probably incorporate a 
>> of beginner info that Konrad put together for use as a new member 
>> when he was in NANFA; NANFA didn't use it as the BOD thought it would
>> cost too much to mail.  Great stuff, however, and well worth
>> distributing.

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