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Re: Least Killifish

Thanks Ed for the reply. Still waiting to here some more on these
fish. I don't want to bid on them with out knowing a bit more. Any of
you keeping Least Killifish?

Jeff <*\\><
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from him." Mark 4:24,25
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>Heterandria formosa, Least Killifish
>I saw these listed on the auction site. I have seen them in
>and thought they were an attractive fish. So can someone tell me
>something about them? Good community fish? Food preferences? etc.?

Despite the name, these tiny fish are livebearers from the
southeastern U.S.
They have been kept by aquarists for many years, and the old faithful
Book" even has a section on them. They are attractive, but us old guys
almost need a magnifying glass to see the males which top out at less
1". The females are bigger but are still less than 1.5". They like to
out in dense vegetation (wouldn't you want to hide if you were that
and Innes thinks they are best kept by themselves (probably because of

Judging from some of the postings on this list, other members are
keeping this species and could provide you with more detailed info.

Ed Matheson