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Re: Now Never returned to the wild !!!!

On Wed, 8 Jul 1998, robert a rice wrote:

> Why do you call us fools?

Ok, fools was a little strong.  I tend to get a little overexcited at times.
Please accept my apologies.

> Is it  because we are takeing a simople logical
> manner in things and not rushing in cheesing everyone off by calling them
> names like fools :) where there is little disagreement it is easy to move
> quickly..........In Aquarium species there is little disaggreement so we
> have moved forward quickly.

It's easy to all agree when you are all on the same side isn't it.  :-) 
> I do work on a weekly basis with hatcheries and there are no vets
> inolved in the proccess. Copper sulfate perhaps :)

Perhaps you should suggest that they should?  Sure, that would be rocking the
boat but it's better than turning a blind eye to the problem.  Just because
some else doesn't do it doesn't make it ethical to not do it yourself.

> program for exotic removal is a good program not a complete one nor a
> perfect one but it is a good one. 

Hey, I think the NFC is doing a fantastic job in raising funds and getting the
word out there.  I'm all for it.  

> The 6 PHD's  I ran it by thought it was a
> good idea and the 3 fisheries folks did too 

Ok, here is a challenge to you Robert.  Since so many of you on this list seem
to think I am full of it lets try this.  I would like to get you to agree to
the wording of the following paragraph, send it to them and get their specific
thoughts on it.  Then I have it at my discretion to send it some recognized
experts in the area of exotic fishes to get their thoughts too.  All comments
can be mailed to this list so then we will all know where the professionals
sit on this issue.  Does that sound fair and impartial? 

Dear Dr so and so

A recent topic has become a hotbed of discussion relating to rereleasing
native fishes back to their place of capture.  Here is a brief discussion of
the issues at hand.  Some native fish hobbyists like to keep fishes such as
sunfishes and like that may often outgrow their aquarium, others may keep some
local native minnows for a while then decide they want to let them go again.
Some have argued that the NFC should adopt a position recommending against
people rereleasing fish due to the VERY small possibility that while in the
home aquarium they may pick up a disease from other aquarium fishes kept in
the same fishroom since items such as nets, hands, and syphon hoses tend to be
used across tanks.  The idea being that some diseases may be present in
aquarium fishes that are not found in the wild in North America.  My question
for you is this, given the likelihood of introducing a foreign disease is very
small should the NFC recommend that folks NEVER release any native fish back
to their place of capture after they have been in home aquaria?  Any feedback
you have on this issue would be greatly appreciated. 

Best Fishes

so and so

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