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Re: Now Never returned to the wild !!!!

Hello All,

I don't believe that Peter was attempting to cast any negative light upon
the exotic removal program, but rather upon the idea of releasing native
fish back to the body of water where they were captured.  I do admit to
being rather surprised at the use of the word "fools", but he did say "then
you would be", not that anyone actually was such a person.

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Date: Wednesday, July 08, 1998 5:55 PM
Subject: Re: Now Never returned to the wild !!!!

>>> While I appluade folks getting excited about things I think for now
>>> should limit the scope of things to aquarium species.
>>Then you'd be a bunch of fools.  :-)
>Why do you call us fools? Is it  because we are takeing a simople logical
>manner in things and not rushing in cheesing everyone off by calling them
>names like fools :) where there is little disagreement it is easy to move
>quickly..........In Aquarium species there is little disaggreement so we
>have moved forward quickly.
>>> but befor we
>>> go  shooting at each other about this issue we should take a step
>>> and concentrate on the obvious problem of introduced aquarium
>>> species.......
>>It's the same basic problem.  As I see it there are four levels in
>>1/ Introduction of exotic fish (those from another continent).
>>2/ Translocation/Introduction of "native" fish (those from North
>>3/ Translocation of fish within their native range (ie individual
>>4/ Rerelease of fish taken from the wild back to their place of
>>I don't think anyone is arguing about the first three.  The forth one
>>certainly more anal, however, I think if you ask a bunch of fisheries
>>professionals they would suggest #4 is also important to advocate
>>> We risk becoming so myopic on this issue that no party would be
>>> to move anyfish anywhere and in effect you would end aquarium
>>> reintroductions, stocking and we would lose most of the interests of
>>> naturalist, fishermen and aquarists.....
>>Now you are getting a little extreme here.  :-)  Ideally fish
>>rereleased back
>>into the wild should have a vet examination to ensure we are not
>>more than we think.  Most hatcheries do undertake this these days from
>>what I
>>Peter Unmack
> I do work on a weekly basis with hatcheries and there are no vets
>inolved in the proccess. Copper sulfate perhaps :) I think your harsh
>tone on this list is in effect throwing out the baby with bathwater. Our
>program for exotic removal is a good program not a complete one nor a
>perfect one but it is a good one. We will continue to develop it to
>further address the issues. The 6 PHD's  I ran it by thought it was a
>good idea and the 3 fisheries folks did too  As did the 2 state senators.
>So lighten up it's a good program that is just getting started :)  and we
>are far from fools. We are a bunch of folks who give a damn and would be
>happy to work together with like minded people.
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