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Re: Re: Re: Now Never returned to the wild

>Guidelines are worthless if no one pays any attention to them.

So are laws. The point is to offer all the available information and the let
the individual act in accordance with thier own sence of responcibility, not
to try and force compliance. Education is the key.

>No one is saying that is a bigger problem than another or visa versa.  They
>are all problems that need to be addressed.  

Agreed. My immediate sphere of influence is So. Florida. And
I have taken action, well within the laws of this state to address the problem
through a grassroots volunteer effort designed to keep in check the onslaught
of exotics as well as exploit them for continuing conservation efforts. If you
are experiencing problems with non-indigenous native introductions, then
perhaps a similar program would help. As an NFC member, you could submit a
proposal in that effort.    : )