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Re: Now Never returned to the wild !!!!

>> While I appluade folks getting excited about things I think for now 
>> should limit the scope of things to aquarium species.
>Then you'd be a bunch of fools.  :-)

Why do you call us fools? Is it  because we are takeing a simople logical
manner in things and not rushing in cheesing everyone off by calling them
names like fools :) where there is little disagreement it is easy to move
quickly..........In Aquarium species there is little disaggreement so we
have moved forward quickly.

>> but befor we
>> go  shooting at each other about this issue we should take a step 
>> and concentrate on the obvious problem of introduced aquarium
>> species.......
>It's the same basic problem.  As I see it there are four levels in 
>1/ Introduction of exotic fish (those from another continent).
>2/ Translocation/Introduction of "native" fish (those from North 
>3/ Translocation of fish within their native range (ie individual 
>4/ Rerelease of fish taken from the wild back to their place of 
>I don't think anyone is arguing about the first three.  The forth one 
>certainly more anal, however, I think if you ask a bunch of fisheries
>professionals they would suggest #4 is also important to advocate 
>> We risk becoming so myopic on this issue that no party would be 
>> to move anyfish anywhere and in effect you would end aquarium 
>> reintroductions, stocking and we would lose most of the interests of
>> naturalist, fishermen and aquarists.....
>Now you are getting a little extreme here.  :-)  Ideally fish 
>rereleased back
>into the wild should have a vet examination to ensure we are not 
>more than we think.  Most hatcheries do undertake this these days from 
>what I
>Peter Unmack
 I do work on a weekly basis with hatcheries and there are no vets
inolved in the proccess. Copper sulfate perhaps :) I think your harsh
tone on this list is in effect throwing out the baby with bathwater. Our
program for exotic removal is a good program not a complete one nor a
perfect one but it is a good one. We will continue to develop it to
further address the issues. The 6 PHD's  I ran it by thought it was a
good idea and the 3 fisheries folks did too  As did the 2 state senators.
So lighten up it's a good program that is just getting started :)  and we
are far from fools. We are a bunch of folks who give a damn and would be
happy to work together with like minded people.


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