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Snakelady, you'llneed to join the list to get any replies.  Instructions
are in my sig.

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I hope you can help me out. I was referred to you by a newsgroup response.  My
background is maintaining primarily freshwater fish in a medium size public
aquarium. I've been asked to help a friend set up a workable tank/pond/pool
(?) to keep a population of approximately 1000 (decreasing through out the
summer, as they are used for bait) 8" alewives in from spring through August.
The problem and the need for this setup springs from a recent algae bloom in
the pond where this fisherman usually keeps the herring under the dock in a
cage. The bloom and resulting die-off wiped out everything in this salt pond
on the Cape. It happens every few years and he'd like to cut his reliance on
the vagaries of Mother Nature.

Has anyone done this? Can these fish be kept fresh and then be used for live
bait in the ocean, or would they need to be kept in saline? I was thinking
that 1000 herring - must be near about 200 lbs? I wonder if an above ground
pool and a big pump and sand filter might handle it. I've kept trout,
sturgeon and salmon in an 800 gallon tank with much the same setup (with an
added chiller) and they did well.

Is there anything I'm missing here?

Thank you for any info. Please email me, if you can help.
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