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Re: Now Never returned to the wild

Ahhhhhhhh! My mistake!! Thought that was for exotics only.
And no offense was taken.

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Date: Tuesday, July 07, 1998 3:10 PM
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The policy pertains to exotics caught in the wild and any and ALL fish
held in captivity. The problem is that these fish,even though from
waters have spent time in your tank with other fish and thier
deseases. When
you put them back, you risk sending potential desease problems with
them. This
applies to bait fish used by fishermen as well. We all make mistakes,
I am
certainly no stranger to that, but for the "no return" policy to have
any real
meaning beyond the words, it requires that it be followed. at least.
by ALL
NFC members. Like I said, we all make mistakes, this is not said to
pick on
anyone, just a clarifcation.   : )
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