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Re: Silversides and fungus

Sounds like it's probably a true fungus.  I use formalin for this.  You can
buy various products with instructions for dosing.  The silversides are
probably either sustaining physical damage during capture and transport or
are being damaged by aggression from other fish, opening them to this

>Well the Fungus is more of a white hairy pathe(s). It is not what I would
>call long but it is defiatly raised up on the fish. So I would have to say
>the Hairy description is the best. It seems to develop very quickly. I
>assume it is actually there for several days but I cant see it.
>The other fish (bluegill and Bass fry) never get it. Just the silversides. I
>plan to salt that tank soon and add some more silverisdes. They are quite
>abundant in our lake.
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>>Please describe this "fungus" in more detail.  Is it long, white, hairy
>>looking patches or discolored areas that don't raise much above the fishes
>>>Well I can keep 80% of my Silversides alive for 4-6 days and then they
>>>down with a white fungus on them and die very quickly. I have lost all but
>>>two and one of those now has the fungus. I had even figured out a way to
>>>these guys to eat after a couple of days.