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TGreenw900 at aol_com: Exotic Prawn??Santa Fe River

Help ...!

Robert Rice

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Subject: Exotic Prawn??Santa Fe River
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 19:51:14 EDT
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I went snorkeling today at the Santa Fe River, it's crystal clear and is
of only spring water now. It's great but I'm still cold.

I noticed a large Crustacean like animal (well large for a fresh water
where your used to crawdaddys) I managed to snag it and bring it home.

It's about 8" total lenght and the most distinguishing feature is large
claws with lots of white raised spots. I know the Marcobrachium Shrimps
and it
doesn't appear to be one as the claws are very short and stout.

Any ideas?? Somebody suggested it might be an exotic?

Are you coming to Gainesville?? 

Sunfish doing well.


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