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Re: BOUNCE nfc at actwin_com: Non-member submission from [Keith Fellmy <vscott at cserv_iupui.edu>] (fwd)

Josh Wiegert wrote:

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> Subject: New Indiana Law
> There is a new law on the books in Indiana. If it is native to
> Indiana, then it is illegal to sell.  At a recent reptile show
> at the State Fairgrounds, which had over two hundred dealers,
> they arrested twenty one dealers for illegal animals. I'm not talking
> about just getting citations and paying the fine, they take your car and
> your display as well any other animals.  YOU DON'T GET THEM BACK EITHER.
> fines start at ten thousand dollars. Jail up to five years. WOW.

     Where did you find this law? According to the people that I have talked to
you can collect and sell native fish as long as you have the appropiate
licenses. What has happened is
to many people have been collecting reptiles and amphibians from the wild that
they were depleting the animals from the wild. Some of the animals that were
being sold are Crocodiles,
Rattlesnakes, and some other endangered animals. This might be something that as
an organization we should watch how many fish we remove from an area or we could
be next.
If you could tell me who you talked to about this law I would like to talk to