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Re: Silversides and fungus

Well the Fungus is more of a white hairy pathe(s). It is not what I would
call long but it is defiatly raised up on the fish. So I would have to say
the Hairy description is the best. It seems to develop very quickly. I
assume it is actually there for several days but I cant see it.

The other fish (bluegill and Bass fry) never get it. Just the silversides. I
plan to salt that tank soon and add some more silverisdes. They are quite
abundant in our lake.

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>Please describe this "fungus" in more detail.  Is it long, white, hairy
>looking patches or discolored areas that don't raise much above the fishes
>>Well I can keep 80% of my Silversides alive for 4-6 days and then they
>>down with a white fungus on them and die very quickly. I have lost all but
>>two and one of those now has the fungus. I had even figured out a way to
>>these guys to eat after a couple of days.