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Bluntnose Minnows

 I have recently been experimenting with the Bluntnose Minnow in my tanks.
It is said in the book "Fishes in Kansas" that they feed on 'organic
detritus'.  I placed a dozen of them in a 29 gallon tank with a lot of
half dead plant matter in it.  It was cleaned up in about a week.  I also
notice that they are good gleaners of many algaes that grow in my tanks.
(Fathead minnows are also good at this...especially in eating the 'hair
algae' Spiragira (sp?) )

 It's possible that they could make a good addition to heavily planted
tanks in order to keep the litter down to much more manageable levels.
Anyone else who has experience with Bluntnose Minnows, is interested in
this idea or just wants to 'pop off' :)  please do so.