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Herb:  A beginner's manual is not so far fetched.  The American 
Killifish Association has a downloadable version (about 30 pages)on 
their web site (located at http://www.aka.org). People who join get a 
hardcopy version, which has colored pictures, etc.  Don't need to be as 
fancy to start off with, however, we could provide the first few 
chapters with the rest of the manual available once someone became a 
member, which I have seen used online to advertise direct sales books.

Probably the AKA online beginner's manual is a MAJOR recruitment tool as 
they get hooked by reading the free manual, then have to join to get 
access to the AKA Fish and Egg Exchange and other member-only benefits.

I am starting to put one together and will probably incorporate a bunch 
of beginner info that Konrad put together for use as a new member packet 
when he was in NANFA; NANFA didn't use it as the BOD thought it would 
cost too much to mail.  Great stuff, however, and well worth 

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>Anyone ever tried to run a local newspaper ad like:
>Like fish? Wanted to learn about local fish?
>Try keeping some at home. Its done all the time,
>all over the country. Your local
>Native Fish Conservancy contact is:
>your address or phone #.
>Been fishing? Want to see what fish do at home,
>in their spare time? Your local
>Native Fish Conservancy contact is:
>your address or phone #.
>Seen what's happening to the fish around here?
>Want to learn how to do something about it?
>Your local Native Fish Conservancy contact is:
>your address or phone #.
>Fishing but not catching? Get some reasons why.
>Your local Native Fish Conservancy contact is:
>your address or phone #.
>	Lots of other copy ideas might fit this sort of thing, depending on
>your situation.
>	Might be nice to have a "Collectors Manual" that covers beginners
>topics and all the pertinent information, but then so would winning the
>lottery, eh?
>The statements and opinions made by Herb Harris in the
>foregoing message do not represent anyone else.

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