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Re: Pike Topminnow

You will have problems obtaining these fish through normal outlets, as 
they are live food only species.  Typically, these fish are not fed from 
the time of capture until the time of sale, which may be several weeks.  
They are seldom offerred for sale and those that are are typically 
hollow-bellied and weakended by lack of food.

However, they may be available throught the Native Fish Conservancy's 
Exotics Removal Program, as they are an introduced species that is 
established in the waters of Florida (I would like to acquire some 
also!). Your best bet may be to contact Daryl Roche, who is the NFC's 
Exotics Removal Program Administrator, asking him to look for this fish 
when doing removal work.  His email address is listed as a CC in the 
header of this message. You may also want to check out the NFC website, 
located at http://nativefish/interspeed.net.  We have a regular 
electronic auction where fish produced by either the NFC Breeder's 
Program or the Exotics Removal Program are offerred for sale.  
Introduced livebearers present in various waters include sphenops 
mollies, sailfin mollies, porthole livebearers, swordtails, guppies, 
etc.  Because Mother Nature did the culling and provided 100% live food, 
these fish are genetically vibrant, top quality fish that are prime 
candidates for breeding stock.

Anyone else receiving this message that would like to purchase some 
introduced wild-caught livebearers or cichlids, please contact Daryl 
Roche with your want list.  The NFC Breeder's Program should also have a 
number of native species, including Heterandria formosa, Sailfin 
Mollies, gambusia and other native livebearers for sale. Check out the 
website and electronic auction for more info.  

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>Anybody know where I can pick up any of these guys (Am in Milwaukee WI)
>They are also know by you scientific minded sorts as Belonesox 

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