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july 5 in rockcreek

hello all...
hot today so i thought i would check out rock creek just south of chattanooga.
i was pleasantly suprised when i arrived and the water was clear. we had a
gentle rain last night, one of only a few since the friday heavy rains of the
nanfa gathering. generally as the summer progresses the local waters turn
sluggish and green.
i climbed under the bridge and got into my wetsuit. the water was very cool. i
did not take a temperature and am beginning to wonder the value of this. as im
working my way through the creek the temperature varies radically. i presume
the various species tend to stay in the water that they are most comfortable
in. i found several bubbling springs in the bottom were the water was COLD and
several poolish areas where the water was warm. so what is the value of temp?
in this stream i would presume fish wander in and out of these areas.
now what i saw...
rainbow darters, a first for me here.
tn snubnose darters, losing their colors.
possibly female redlines, i believe i caught a male here a year or 2 ago. (
again the need to document each trip )
a darter very similar to the bridal darter though bigger. very handsome. a
hognose suckers, from babies to big boys.
several types of bass... i dont know these yet. one was outstanding and i will
check david e's book when i'm through here.
a type of sunfish... perhaps a red breast. ( im becoming more confused with
these, hybrids, males in breeding and nonbreeding, females juveniles, gee )
several clouds of 1" torquise striped shiners? i really thought about getting
a few of these but...
a stinkpot turtle... stinky
no snakes :)
black stripe or spot topminnows... no gambusia.
creek chubs... big schools. watching them feed was nice. there were several
areas where i just relaxed and watched for several minutes. watching them
and a new type of minnow which im trying to learn. minnows do not do well in
my aquaria for some reason.
i didnt take anything... prefering just to watch today. and my 29 is
overcrowded and waiting for my 55 setup.
i returned up the road to catch some shrimp for my tanks. a muckish nearly
stagnant pond where i have always found them. nothing with repeated trys...
they most have migrated to deeper water or something???
there it is, i hope yall are all doing fine. i have all next week free and
will be wandering around if anyone wants to get together.