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Re: Newbie question

The seines that I have purchased have never come with poles (I always add
my own), but you will find that they are weighted on one end and have
floats attached on the opposite side.  I've purchased seines from Walmart,
KMart and fishing supply stores and they have always been the same...by the
way I think the seine is the best way to collect!
I've never tried to use a casting net but I think it would be fun and very
useful in some situations.

Dave Hall   

> From: Kudzu <Kudzu at airnet_net>
> To: Native Fish Counsel <nfc at actwin_com>
> Subject: Newbie question
> Date: Thursday, July 02, 1998 3:31 PM
> While in Wal Mart I was surprised to see Seine nets today. 4' x15' 1/4"
> square mesh. (They had casting nets too! I was very surprised, I didn't
> think anyone around here would know how to use one!) Knowing NOTHING
> using one I resisted temptation and did not buy.
> Another reason was a couple of things did not seem right to me. The first
> thing I noticed is there were no poles with it. I also noticed that the
> packaged net was light, meaning there were no weights?
> Am I mistaken or are there not poles on the ends? (No big deal there to
> Am I also mistaken in that you want the bottom weighted so that it stays
> the bottom?
> Jeff <*\\>< (call me Newbie)
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