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Re: Newbie question

On Thu, 2 Jul 1998, Josh Wiegert wrote:

> I agree with you Daryl.  Seines are difficult to use, espeically small
> ones.  Small ones are impossible to handle with one person, and with two,
> it gets too crowded. 

While I never really ever used small seines on my own I think there is a bit
of an art to it.  They can be very effective when you figure it out.  I've
frequently used a 6ft seine with two people and it is very effective under the
right circumstances.  I've never had a crowding problem.  Everyone has their
own favourite technique for collecting, mine just happens to be seines
although electroshockers sure are nice at times.  :-)  On your own a big seine
(>20ft minimum) tends to be easier than a smallish one.  I just anchor one end
on the bank with a rock and walk the other out in a loop.  Also, having seen
many fish go under I net I also believe you can never have too much lead on
the bottom.  Dipneting at night with a flashlight is also a killer technique
for some species.