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A day in the canal

	Got to the canal I've been fishing for several weeks now at about 10:00am.
Took a walk along the top of the embankment to survey the waters. Saw a few
large Oscars and something darting to the surface here and there to catch the
bugs at the surface.
	The water is brown with tannins, with a visibility of about 2 feet. I also
spotted 2 very large Plecos at the edge of the shore line, sunning I suppose.
	Took the buckets and net out of the truck and a pole I use to tap the weeds
on the way to the water to let mister snake know I'm comin through. The net I
use is a reinforced dip net with a 1/8th inch mesh size and approx. 16" by 12"
by 12" deep.
The 1st net I used was an 8 dollar special from the bait and tackle, which
fell apart the first time I dragged it through the water weed. A good net
	 Filled a couple of the buckets (5 gal.) about half full and procceeded into
the water. It drops off sharply to waist deep only three steps out and was
refreshing in the already 90 degree temp. of the day. As I looked down the
canal about a hundred yards, a few cows were cooling off as well and mister
snake slithered on through ahead of me.
	  Slowly I began running the net through the vegitation and as usual brought
up the cichlids with each dip. I popped them into a floating bait bag which
has proved invaluable as I pull it along. A few more passes produced more
cichlids and a lone F. chrysotus. Incredible little finned piece of glittering
gold. I released it and continued walking slowly down the canal through the
masses of vegitation sweeping the cichlids out along the way. I came to a spot
where the embankment creates a steep ledge dropping about 3 feet into the
water. I pulled my net up the crumbling wall and got two 4 inchers in one
I then turned, the bottom under my feet soft and unstable and dragged the net
through the muck. Eureka, in one net full pulled out about eighty, yes eighty,
1/2 inch C. salvini fry. With that batch, altogether today I pulled out over a
hundred Cichlasoma salvini
from this canal well in excess of the at least 50 goal I had set for the day.
I can only imagine what could have been removed if there were six other ERP
team members there today. 
........................ANY VOLUNTEERS ?...........................
	 These fish and more will be up for auction beginning Sun. at 12 am.
The auction will run through the week and end Sun. the 12th
at 12 pm. 
The ERP auction website is 
Recipes for Oscars and other exotics can found on the ERP page of the NFC
website at
If your interested in volunteering for the ERP in So. Florida, you can email
me direct at Phylesis at aol_com or by SASE to
Daryl Roche
425 N.E. 12th ave
 Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33301

Daryl Roche
Exotic Removal Program Administrator
			           Save a Native, Eat an Oscar

         You Don't Need Eyes to See, You Need VISION