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Re: Newbie question

I fish primarily for darters.  I simply use two green aquarium fish nets.
One is a 4-6" wide one, the other a 2-4"one.  In a shallow area, I hold
the larger one snug to the bottom.  Witht he smaller one, I chase the fish
towards the larger net, moving it as needed.  I'll move or kick rocks
around, whatever, to get them moving out in the open water where I can
catch them using this technique.  
Often, I'll take the net from a seine, and use it as a bag, floating just
past a large set of rocks or something, a sort of U around them.  Kicking
the rocks around, and combining it with the green nets.  This usually
works well.  
For more swimming fishes, I simply swoosh a green net thru areas of heavy
vegetation, or near a school.  For fishes like sunfish, I use a fly, or a
bit of yarn tied on a hook.  Guess that is a fly, sorta, but... :)  

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On Thu, 2 Jul 1998 Phylesis at aol_com wrote:

> Actually, it would be interesting to know what everyone else is using for
> collecting and what techniques work best. I find that holding my net out over
> a patch of vegitation dipping down as far as I can reach ( to the bottom) and
> scooping back torwards myself and up seems to produce the highest yield. Just
> gotta watch out for mister snake.  : P
> 													Daryl