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Re: Newbie question

Yes, poles are absolutely essential to use a seine. I suspect that the poles
are not included to save space during shipping. Just about any strong wooden
sticks will work, although I would beware of a pole that is too shiney since
you don't want the ends of the seine to slip up or  down. Weights on the
bottom end are not necessary as long as the net is secured to the sticks
properly. If you are working at collecting riffle fish like darters or
sculpins, you have to keep the bottom of the seine flush with the substrate,
a technique that you will learn through trial and error. IMHO a team of
three (or more) works best in riffles; two to hold the poles stationary, and
the rest to kick rocks and herd the fish toward the net. If you are seining
a standing body of water, two people can manage nicely pulling towards

Oh, and you should check your state's fish & game laws....some states don't
allow or limit the use of seines. The fact that local stores sell the item
doesn't mean much.

Good hunting!

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Date: Thursday, July 02, 1998 5:31 PM
Subject: Newbie question

>While in Wal Mart I was surprised to see Seine nets today. 4' x15' 1/4"
>square mesh. (They had casting nets too! I was very surprised, I didn't
>think anyone around here would know how to use one!) Knowing NOTHING about
>using one I resisted temptation and did not buy.
>Another reason was a couple of things did not seem right to me. The first
>thing I noticed is there were no poles with it. I also noticed that the
>packaged net was light, meaning there were no weights?
>Am I mistaken or are there not poles on the ends? (No big deal there to
>Am I also mistaken in that you want the bottom weighted so that it stays on
>the bottom?
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