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Re: Keeping silversides

>Jeff: Glad to hear that you have been successful in getting silversides
>into your tanks and keeping them alive.  Would you be open to shipping
>some of these addictive Silversides (and any other interesting local
>fish) to VT for brood stock for the NFC Breeder's Program?

Sure would but first lets back up! I have not been able to keep them alive
for more than about a week. I have one midsized Silverside that appears he
is going to make it. I have managed to get them to eat flake food after a
couple of days. The problem is they keep coming down with a White fungus and
then they die  a couple of days latter. If I can keep some alive for a month
or so then I might feel like I have accomplished something and could
consider shipping some then.

I think I need to set up a tank just for these guys, and/or remove their
room mates. I am going to add some salt to tank and get some fungus meds and
add as I add the fish. See what happens after that.

As delicate as they are I really wonder if they would make it shipping?

>Suspect that Silversides
>spawn similarly to rainbow smelt and have some ideas on how to do that,
>but I need some Silversides to experiment with.

Well I had that in the back of mind but I have to keep some alive first.
Collecting them is easy! Right now the lake is full of young ones, all I
have to do is shine a light on the water and be fast with the dipnet.

As for Darters I am still learning what we have here too.

>BTW, are these brook Silversides or inland Silversides?
These are Brook Silversides. I think they are a really neat looking fish!
The bigger fish here seem to think that they are quite tasty! I see them
scatter as a flash of silver charges through the school.

Jeff <*\\><
"Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds
on the heel that has crushed it" Mark Twain
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