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Re: Keeping silversides (I'm addicted now!)

Jeff: Glad to hear that you have been successful in getting silversides 
into your tanks and keeping them alive.  Would you be open to shipping 
some of these addictive silversides (and any other interesting local 
fish) to VT for brood stock for the NFC Breeder's Program? I am planning 
to get some Hypno (a mild sedative medication used for calming nervous 
fish) if my request to Mail Order Pet Shop for a donation to the NFC of 
about $100 of shipping supplies (including Ship Right, which also 
contains a mild sedative) doesn't work out.  Suspect that silversides 
spawn similarly to rainbow smelt and have some ideas on how to do that, 
but I need some silversides to experiment with.

Assuming you would want to collect some of the local finny residents, 
(any darters available locally? VT is quite darter sparse) I can provide 
a container, bags and shipping supplies and UPS shipping label that will 
bill shipping charges directly to my UPS account.

BTW, are these brook silversides or inland silversides?  Assuming I 
remember correctly (I don't have my field guide handy), the two can be 
differentiated by whether the dorsal fin and anal fin are directly 
opposite or offset.  The Petersen's Field guide for NA freshwater 
fishes,  by Page and Burr, has nice illustrations that show the 
differences. Interested in either.

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>Well telling me that Silversides were hard to keep was more that I 
>stand. I just collected about 18 more and have them in two separate 
>One is a 10 gallon that is fairly new and has lake water in it. (The 
same as
>the fish came from) The other is a long established 30G planted tank.
>After reading all the problems related to keeping them I realized that 
>have a distinct advantage over most folks. Once I catch mine I only 
have to
>transport them about 150 feet to my tanks. So I decided to try again 
and be
>more careful in my handling of them and try to keep the stress as low 
>Yes I am now hooked! Half of my tanks have natives in them now. Even 
>to use one in my living room so I could show folks what is in our 
>Jeff <*\\><
>"Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds
>on the heel that has crushed it" Mark Twain
>www.airnet.net/kudzu/ "Kudzu's Christian Clipart Collection"

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