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Ag. News

I saw a story today on the local farm report stating that the USDA has
determined that cattle grow just as fast on a grass/grain diet as oppossed
to just a grain only diet.  This could be significant for Native Fishes
since it would require less feedlot time and space and increase
pastureland...which can be beneficial in some respects due to less
siltation and run-off after rains.  Not to mention the reduction in wastes
to come out of the feedlots.  A big problem in this part of the country.

There are two locations people can check to find out more Ag. related news
that might be significant to our own agenda.

http://www.agday.com    (I was unable to access this address, although my
                          search engine said it was there.  Someone else
                          might want to try it)

AgDAy did a interesting story recently on the use in the South of garlic
as a organic solution to chemical pesticides.  Shows a lot of promise.

http://usfronline.com    (also an Ag. based location with info. we might
                          find of use on occaision)

Luke McClurg