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Re: Rules for the list? I say yes ! - Avoid the Crawdad Syndrome!

I fully agree with Robert and Jeff. One of the most insidious problems 
that I have noted on other lists is that certain parties feel that it is 
their personal obligation to attack and tear down anyone that posts 
anything they didn't think of first.  I hardly think that criticism of 
grammar, terms usage, etc. is helpful in promoting participation, 
interest or initiative. In fact, I have observed first-hand, as has 
Robert, how destructive it can be.

Russ Carman, a noted outdoorsman, refers to this as the "Crawdad 
Syndrome".  Essentially, crawdads placed in a burlap bag pull each other 
down in an attempt to improve their position, which helps ensure that 
none of the crawdads escape and they all remain in the bag.  Crawdads 
that try to improve their position at the expense of others ensures that 
no crawdad will get to escape as they will soon all engage in similar 
behavior.  People often exhibit similar behavior, for a variety of 
reasons, such as jealousy, envy, personal or professional insecurity, 
etc.  In the process, they destroy free discussion, participation, 
initiative and other positive behaviors. I have seen this happen 
first-hand and it is not pretty.

To avoid this, we should take a hint from our elders, who say that if 
you can't say something helpful or positive, consider whether you should 
say anything at all.  It is one thing to offer another opinion or 
observation that enhances the issue under discussion.  It is quite 
another to criticize grammar, term usage and other negative forms of 
feedback, which can hardly be expected to promote free discussion and 
the exchange of ideas, in fact, it does just the opposite.

I certainly hope that the NFC community discussions remain on a higher 
moral plane and don't digress into mud slinging and other destructive 
behaviors.  I am sure that if we express our opinions on this to our 
list administrator that he can take the appropriate steps to ensure that 
it stays that way. 

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>I'll have to agree there. encouraging volunterrism becomes increasingly
>difficult in direct proportion to the static involved. So wether the 
>topic discussion be politics, religion or wether or not you 
>the people in leadership within the organization at even a low volumn 
>drives away people. I've lived through one of these it's very 
>and is to be avoided.
>Basically peoples lives are full enough, to join a organization or 
>list and get grief is just silly and more than they will tolerate. 
>will leave quickly and with a bad taste in their mouth. SO LETS KEEP 
>Robert Rice
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>On Mon, 29 Jun 1998 14:29:34 -0500 "Kudzu" <Kudzu at airnet_net> writes:
>>I personally would like to see some rules or guidelines be established 
>>this list. Then who ever is administering the list should make sure 
>>that the
>>rules are followed. Those who refuse to follow the guidelines can them 
>>removed from the list. I think some of the recent posts have gotten 
>>way off
>>topic and have no place on this list. This kind of thing can cause 
>>feeling and you can loose good folks that have no interest in either 
>>side of
>>an off topic debate. They simple get feed up and leave the list.
>>I am a Christian and have strong beliefs too and will not hesitate to 
>>up for them. Nothing personal guys but this is Native fish list. If I 
>>to read creation/evolution debates I can go the News Groups for that.
>>Jeff <*\\><
>>"Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds
>>on the heel that has crushed it" Mark Twain
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