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Re: More questions on the Exotic Removal Program

Thanks for the well thought out answers. I didn't check my e-mail box for 48
hours, and about fell out of my chair when I saw that I had 84 messages
waiting to be read!

It was late at night when I wrote that e-mail, and some of it came out a
little harsher than I had intended. Having lived in Florida until about four
years ago, I understand only too well the impact of introduced species on
the state. I think that any person with any knowledge of the subject would
like to undo the damage if they could.  Unfortunately, I think that we are
in the role of the man living in a garbage dump swatting flies. The flies
have such an abundant source of food that they reproduce faster than one man
(or a hundred or a thousand) could kill them.

However, several  people brought out excellent points.  If it is too late to
keep out cichlids, maybe it isn't too late to keep out any number of other
noxious species that haven't been introduced yet. If our efforts attract
public attention, maybe fewer people will dump their tropical aquarium fish
in the nearest ditch when they tire of them. And raising money by catching
assorted cichlids is a lot more fun than selling girl scout cookies!

Thanks all for the discussion!