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Re: NFC Public Exposure................

er, its not a plug exactly, but I will be running short ad in Thrifty
Nickel and such as I can afford it, and will be using an "NFC contact"
email address of 

nfc_contacts at usa_net

as an email collection point. I will only be doing "local" ads, that is
ads that are in this general geographic region (since there are NO
cities over 10,000 in this immediate area).
	I intend to use short "draw" ads and get an initial response, then
contact these folks making the inquiries with more information, copies
of the Flier, or even an NFC application, depending on their enthusiasm!
	One ad I will be running is:

Learn about local fish! Contact
Native Fish Conservancy at
nfc_contacts at usa_net

	An 800 number would be great to have for this as well, I think I can
route this though my voice mail with it's own mailbox, but I am somewhat
hesitant to use my MCI personal 800 for this, as it's 30 cents a min,
and I would be unable to pay the bill if there were any success with the
ad in a very short time. Any chance of getting an 800 contact number
established for recruitment? Or am I late again here?

	Anyway, anyone wanting to use the email address above for recruitment
purposes, please do. I will write back to them and get location and such
if they don't include it, and then send a short note to the list with a
"contacts needed" for each state.


robert a rice wrote:
> Just got off the Phone with the Editor of In Fisherman ...We are gonna
> gwet a nice plug in their Bits and Peices section this next month or
> two....:)
> Anyone else wanna get us a plug somewhere  ? :)
> Robert Rice
> Save A Native Eat An Oscar <:)((((<
> Check Out the Native Fish Conservany at NFC at actwin_com
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