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Fwd: North American Fishing Club

Response from the North American Fishing Club concerning a targeted 
press release encouraging NAFC members to join NFC (copy attached). I am 
a NAFC member, so my membership allows me access to the NAFC 
publications concerning my activities. It appears that the press release 
was well received, as the press release was pitched as a benefit to NAFC 
members.  The press release should be printed in an upcoming edition of 
North American Fisherman.

As the NAFC is an organization with over 2 million members, if even 1/10 
of 1 percent are interested enough to join the NFC and get their 
complimentary Tomelleri print, we will get about 2000 additional members 
(and about $20,000 dollars for NFC programs). As Konrad's address 
includes "Dept. NAFC" we will be able to track the response.  Using a 
"Dept XXXX" in a return address is a standard marketing tool used to 
identify which magazine ad the person is responding to. The "XXXX" is an 
abbreviation for the group, so a press release sent to the American 
Cichlid Association would be Dept. ACA, etc. Suggest that everyone who 
provides a press release to particular magazines, groups, etc. use Dept 
XXXX as part of Konrad's address to help us track where our efforts 
bring the best response.

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>     Hello Dwight, Thanks for the e mail.  If there is anything else 
that we 
>can help you with please feel free to let us know, okay.  Thanks Again!
>     Congrats on the new postion, and good luck to your and your newly 
>formed organization.
>          Happy Fishing,
>                          James M. Lucht

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                         PRESS RELEASE

Dwight D. Moody, a Barre, Vermont resident and member of the North American Fishing Club
(NAFC member # 62911922), has been elected as Secretary/Treasurer of  a new fish conservation
organization known as the Native Fish Conservancy, Inc. (NFC), which became a nonprofit
corporation on April 23, 1998. This organization has started a number of conservation programs
and plans to fund grass roots conservation programs all across  the country  designed to benefit
native fish and  their  aquatic environments.  The organization plans to have at least 10,000 
members  by the year 2000.  Potential NFC members include persons interested in conservation,
aquarium rearing, sport fishing,  research,  study  and breeding  of  native  fishes, along with those
persons concerned with stream restoration  and greater conservation efforts.  Information  about 
the  NFC may be obtained at its website, located at http://nativefish/interspeed.net.  Email may be
sent to the NFC at: nativefishcons at hotmail_com .  

Persons who join the NFC will  receive  our bi-monthly publication the  "FLIER" and get access
to a wide variety of NFC programs and member benefits.  For  example: the first 500 NAFC
members that join the NFC can receive a complimentary  Joseph  Tommelleri 8 by 10 fine art print 
($25.00  retail value) of either  a Paddlefish, Longear Sunfish, Redbelly Dace, Redfin Darter  or 
Rosyfin Shiner for only an additional $2.00 shipping charge to cover the postage of shipping your
complementary print.  NFC membership fees (US dollars) are $10.00 for Regular membership
(US residents); $5 Student membership (please include your school and school ID number);
$15.00 for Canadian residents, $20.00 for residents of all other foreign countries; $100 for
Corporate members (which includes a complementary ad on the NFC website).   Send your name,
address , telephone number, email address (if available), along with a  check or money order,
payable to the NFC,  to: Konrad Schmidt, NFC Membership Coordinator, Dept. NAFC , 
1663 Iowa Ave East, St. Paul MN 55106. Don't forget to specify your 1st, 2nd and 3rd print
choices and include an additional $2.00 to cover the postage for your free print !! 
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