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Re: Need some help!

How big is the longear?  They're not very nice to minnows or siversides.  I
doubt pH is a problem, but try dripping tank water into a container holding
the new residents before adding them.  I assume you are allowing adjustment
of the temperature prior to adding new fish.  Does your power head have a
venturi to blow bubbles into the outflow?  This will increase oxygen levels
and help wild fish.  Also consider the temperature of the water from which
your new fish are collected.  If it is significantly cooler than that of
your tanks, that can be a major stressor even with adjustment over a day or
two.  Most tanks run at much lower oxygen levels than a flowing stream,
especially at lower temperatures.  Also, losses are often unavoidable when
taking wild fish.  It's a big adjustment for them.

You probably will not be able to keep minnows with a longear as it gets
bigger. They are natural enemies.

At 04:36 PM 6/30/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>Just a thought here - if you keep losing fish in that 30 gal, perhaps
>>there's a problem with that tank.  Describe the setup and age of the tank.
>>Who are its residents?
>It is a 30 gallon long (12d x17h x 36l) with a Fluval canister filter. It
>has been set up for 6 months or more. One power head for current. River
>gravel that I collected of the bank. A few assorted rocks and driftwood.
>Inhabitants at the moment are 3 corys, 6 rainbow fish (to be removed), 1
>shiner, 3 small longeared sunfish and one pleco.
>It is lightly planted with a Sword, a couple of crypts, dwarf sag., Mexican
>Oak Leaf, anibus, ect.  I also have a DIY Co2 but I have not used it in over
>a month.
>One thing that I did think of was that the gravel has a good bit of shell in
>it and my water hardness may be high. This could cause the pH to rise. I
>have to confess to not having a test kit to check. Other than that I can't
>think of anything else. I have had numerous fish in this tank with no
>problems. Many of those in there are long time residents too!
>See anything I have missed?
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