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Re: Need some help!

>Just a thought here - if you keep losing fish in that 30 gal, perhaps
>there's a problem with that tank.  Describe the setup and age of the tank.
>Who are its residents?

It is a 30 gallon long (12d x17h x 36l) with a Fluval canister filter. It
has been set up for 6 months or more. One power head for current. River
gravel that I collected of the bank. A few assorted rocks and driftwood.

Inhabitants at the moment are 3 corys, 6 rainbow fish (to be removed), 1
shiner, 3 small longeared sunfish and one pleco.

It is lightly planted with a Sword, a couple of crypts, dwarf sag., Mexican
Oak Leaf, anibus, ect.  I also have a DIY Co2 but I have not used it in over
a month.

One thing that I did think of was that the gravel has a good bit of shell in
it and my water hardness may be high. This could cause the pH to rise. I
have to confess to not having a test kit to check. Other than that I can't
think of anything else. I have had numerous fish in this tank with no
problems. Many of those in there are long time residents too!

See anything I have missed?

Jeff <*\\><
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