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Re: More questions on the Exotic Removal Program

Although the Atlas of North American Freshwater Fishes is not the last word
an the subject it lists the Mexican tetra as being native to Southwest TX
and New Mexico and as being introduced in other places in TX as well as OK
& LA.  Plecos have been introduced in FL, NV, CA & TX.  The so called
"walking" catfish is all over S.FL. Guppies in NV, AZ, TX, FL, & CA. 
Mollies in CA, AZ, NV & MT!  Platties and Swords in CA, AZ, MT, & NV.  The
Pike killie or Belonesox (a livebearer  I believe) in S.  FL.  Medaka in
NJ(NY?).  Cichlids in CA, AZ, NV, NM, TX, OK, & FL (Oscars in various
places including IL).  Two killies in CA (according to Moyle's Inland
Fishes of California) Rivulus harti and Cynolebias bellottii.... not an
exhaustive look at exotics but a quick overview.

Dave Hall     

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> Subject: Re: More questions on the Exotic Removal Program
> Date: Tuesday, June 30, 1998 12:50 PM
> >Earlier I asked the joking question "let me know if you find a stream
> >cardinal tetras in it."  Have there been any instances of the small
> >glass cats, coryadoras, or any of the small tetras establishing
> in
> >Fla.?
> >
> >
> If there is I might be interested in some corys! Can someone post the
> auction web site URL again. I tried to access it and couldn't. I don't
> if I have the wrong address or what.
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