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Re: More questions on the Exotic Removal Program

I'm confused, if the rainbow cichlid eats algae and no other fish does, it's
prolific nature would mean more small fish for predators to eat and the fish
themselves wouldn't be in Competition with any natives.  I can't believe a
large mouth bass wouldn't eat a small cichlid, or a pike.  I once had a
flathead catfish eat 12 small piranha after they harassed him all day, the
night belonged to him!  I know we are supposed to believe in zero tolerance,
but wouldn't it make sense to zero in on species that compete for the same
niches that native fish fill?  I would love to have some zebra mussels in my
fish tank, would be wild addition, and yes I would never let them loose in the
wild.  We have some neat clams and mussels here that would be shameful to let
a competitor loose that would starve them.