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Re: More questions on the Exotic Removal Program

Yea, I'm replying to myself.  I mentioned irradicating the natives
somewhere in there.  I meant exotics. :)  Secondly, my example on the
Rainbow Cichlid is a bit atypical.  Most cichlids do outproduce our
natives, but few at that level.  The ones I've sheard being removed
typically poduce about 500 young a spawn.  Their real problem is not their
proliferation, but the fact that they're good parents.  
Sunnies are also good parents, but.. they're smaller, and not as good.
Other fishes have other protection thats making them problematic.  Nothing
eats Plecostromus.  They're simply too bony;.  Its very good protection
against Cichla and Pirahna, and perfect against bass and other natives.

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