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stephen <stephen at itc_icl.ie>: Orangespot Sunfish.

Any ideas....?

Robert Rice

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Subject: Orangespot Sunfish.
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 14:55:27 +0100
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I've read your articles on the Orangespot Sunfish (Lepomis Humilus) and
I would like to acquire some of these for a new tank I'm planning to

However as I am in Ireland Idon't know how easy it will be to come by
these fish - I probably will have to try and getthem via mail order.

Could you point me towards where I could get more details on ordering
this fish and what I would need to do prior to importing.

You help would be invaluable.

Stephen B. Young

sbyoung at tinet_ie
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