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Re: Need some help!

Just a thought here - if you keep losing fish in that 30 gal, perhaps
there's a problem with that tank.  Describe the setup and age of the tank.
Who are its residents?

>The first time I sent this it didn't show up, so if it appears twice I
>I collected some shiners (still have not ID'ed them yet) and have had them
>in a 30
>gallon for a week now. I started with 5 and I am slowly loosing the fish for
>no apparent reason. The all seem normal and I have watched most of them take
>flake food. I will walk by and find one dead for no apparent reason!
>I know shiners are not the most glamorous fish but I really wanted 3-4 in
>this tank. Anyone have any ideas of suggestions?
>Next question, I have 5 Brook Silversides that seem to be doing well in a 10
>gallon tank. I have always filled this tank with water from the river so to
>ease the adjustment. Yesterday I cleaned the tank and did a 50% water change
>using tap water. I added the water slowly over about an hour and so far so
>I want to eventually move these fish to my 30 gallon. I was thinking that in
>order to acclimate them that if I keep doing water changes that maybe that
>will help them adjust to the tap water conditions that are in the 30 gallon.
>So far every Silverside I have put in the 30 have died and am thinking that
>the different water conditions  are at least partly responsible.
>Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? How do some of you adjust sensitive
>fish to different conditions? Or am I going about this backwards and should
>adjust the tank water to the lake conditions?
>Jeff <*\\><
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