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Re: Rules for the list?

Hmmm.... Somehow, I doubt anyones reading my signature. :)
Comments bewlow: 
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On Mon, 29 Jun 1998, Kudzu wrote:

> I personally would like to see some rules or guidelines be established for
> this list. 
Welp, actually, its been done.  They've been sent out.  I'll resend them
in a few minutes, though.  

> Then who ever is administering
That would be me.  Hence the signature. :P

> the list should make sure that the
> rules are followed. Those who refuse to follow the guidelines can them be
> removed from the list. 
As per the guidelines already sent out (which I'll be resending in a few
minutes, if I can find them. :P), that is done.  Fortunately, its yet to
have to be done.  Though that trouble maker Robert Rice has had me this
close to throwing him off the list (kidding.. why do I always pick o nRR?)

>I think some of the recent posts have gotten way off
> topic and have no place on this list. This kind of thing can cause hard
> feeling and you can loose good folks that have no interest in either side of
> an off topic debate. They simple get feed up and leave the list.
Conversations wander.  It happensk, and as long as posts remain friendly,
I don't see the probelm with letting a conversation wander.  Its human
nature.  However, I do think that we should TRY to remain on topic.  In
the future, I'll attempt to move off-topi conversations off the list.  I
generally get mail in the 3-4 diit range (Yes, thats 99-10,000.
Fortunately, it generally gets stuck around 599( when I log on at about
14:30 each day.  I also tend to stay on until about 23:00, and any new
mail that comes in gets answered.  Lately I've been running off midday,
but... Point being:  It do4es take a bit for me to notice an offtopic post
in the mail box and send a yell out.  This is especially true, in the
other days case, where the topic was only slightly off, and the number of
posts on it all occured in a few hours. 
> I am a Christian and have strong beliefs too and will not hesitate to stand
> up for them. Nothing personal guys but this is Native fish list. If I want
> to read creation/evolution debates I can go the News Groups for that.
> Jeff <*\\><
> "Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds
> on the heel that has crushed it" Mark Twain
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See? I've read your sig!
J. L.