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Re: Picking on the exotics...:)

Robert has taken some of the tropical fish enthusiasts questions along
these lines in the cichlid newsgroup.  They are a rough bunch huh
robert.  Here is my opinion on that.  Even if we can't remove all
exotics, we can bring the situation closer to how the location
originally was.  We may even be successful in some cases.  However, even
if we don't make a big dent in the exotic population, we are raising
money and awareness for the group.  It's a win-win-win-win situation for
a lot of people. 

Money raised for NFC
Awareness of conservation efforts
Cichlid people get wild/healthy inexpensive cichlids
Darrel gets some exerise ;)
We may get some areas erradicated of exotics

Still trying to think of those

robert a rice wrote:
> ALL<
> That list is being  developed. The entire program is just a few weeks old
> so give it some time. Fish Traps are a good way to go I'd say.
> In regards to the concerns that this is not a complete solution , or what
> about the exotics up north. I agree this is an imperfect solution but it
> is a start wich is far better than doing nothing. People have gotten into
> a habit of throwing away the good in search of the perfect. I'd be
> thrilled to find a perfect solution but until then I'll settle for the
> good wich is a general removal of aquarium species where they are found
> :)
> Robert Rice
> Save A Native Eat An Oscar <:)((((<
> Check Out the Native Fish Conservany at NFC at actwin_com
> On Mon, 29 Jun 1998 15:41:50 EDT Moontanman at aol_com writes:
> >Is there a list of the exotics you would expect to find in any given
> >area?  Is
> >south Florida the main region NFC intends concentrate their efforts?
> >Have
> >fish traps been ok'ed for use in this effort?  Properly set fish traps
> >can
> >catch virtually every fish in a pond, a large number of fish traps set
> >and
> >maintained over a several months should make quite a dent in the
> >exotic fish
> >population and allow for the unharmed release of native fish.  A log
> >book
> >should be kept of each trap and the number and species of fish caught
> >(both
> >native and exotic).  That way any trends in species captured could be
> >charted.