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Exotics referrals

For a list of definition of terms, whether there is agreement on this
definition or not, can be found at the url:
This is an excellent site, and will link you to many other related

For a list of "exotic" nuisance species go to the url:

For a link to National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII):
gives the USGS site index.

Under their National Programs you will find their Nonindigenous Aquatic
Species (NAS) information resource for the United States Geological
Survey at the url:

Look under the fish selection, url will be:

This site has a wealth of information of various types and index sorts.
Maybe somewhere in there is the answer to your question. :0)

At least in part perhaps. For the rest, fishing methods vary for the
species, as I'd not expect to catch ell in the same way as Oscars, but
who knows? May not want to catch ell anyway, but the point is what works
for some might not work for all, but could be worth a try, but since its
not likely I will get the chance to help with this effort directly, I'll
leave that to the "experts" there for comment.


Moontanman at aol_com wrote:
> Is there a list of the exotics you would expect to find in any given area?  Is
> south Florida the main region NFC intends concentrate their efforts?  Have
> fish traps been ok'ed for use in this effort?  Properly set fish traps can
> catch virtually every fish in a pond, a large number of fish traps set and
> maintained over a several months should make quite a dent in the exotic fish
> population and allow for the unharmed release of native fish.  A log book
> should be kept of each trap and the number and species of fish caught (both
> native and exotic).  That way any trends in species captured could be charted.
> Michael

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