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Re: Dealing with the real fish? problem

I'm not bullying anyone...it's everyone else who's ticked off that I'm
marching to my own drummer.  You've judged me, convicted me and executed
me all in one evening with only a few lines of text.  Do you know how my
mind has been made up?  Do you know what studies I have done?  Do you
realize that for nearly 30 years I thought evolution was sound until I did
some real research?  Come on friend, I'm not bullying and I'm not trying
to convert.  Lets shake hands and be friends and agree to disagree.
There's rooom enough in this world for all of our opinions...and in the
end, if I'm wrong what does it matter?  We all end up the same...

To the rest of the NFC readership...I apoligize for this confusion.  This
is a forum for Native fishes,  honest!   :-)

Luke McClurg

On Sun, 28 Jun 1998 Moontanman at aol_com wrote:

> I know arguing with a closed mind is a lost cause, but I'll try, evolution is
> science, creationism is belief.  If you want to believe it fine, I prefer the
> truth.  I would never think of arguing religion with you, because no matter
> what your views are or mine if we both really believe neither can possibly
> win.  But don't do God and me a disservice by trying twist reality to fit
> inside your small creationist box.  I will not answer any more posts about
> this because I really don't believe this is the right place to argue this.  If
> indeed evolution is off limits in this forum and I don't see how it can be
> avoided when discussing the differences of closely related fish and their
> instincts or behaviors that are inherited.  I for one would rather be removed
> than bullied by you!
>                                                                           Mich
> ael  

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