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This will be going out Monday AM to all the usual suspects.....

Press Release : Native Fish Conservancy
SUBJECT: Black Banded Sunfish Breeding Program !

In a joint project between the Native Fish Conservancy and
Florida Freshwater  Fish and Game Department  We will set up
a breeding  pond to  rear the Black Banded Sunfish
(Enneacanthus obesus) at the Blackwater River Forest State
Fish Hatchery. The Blackbanded Sunfishes life history is
poorly known and it is hoped that this project will add to
the knoweledge and data base on this unique species . The
Blackbanded Sunfish is of special concern in much of its
range . The results of this program will be made available
to all interested parties via the NFC's website in hopes it
will aid in the species conservation.

The NFC is a non profit organization dedicated to the study
, conservation and preservation of North American Native
Fishes and their aquatic habitats. They can be reached via
Email at NFC at actwin_com , via mail at 1663 Iowa Ave E St.
Paul Mn 55106, or on their website