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Love it Bill, can you get the national headquarters contact ? I'll do you
one better I'll give away 5 free memberships to the kids that go along on
that trip give em away as raffel prizes or whatever ....what A GREAT IDEA

>       Here is something that might get things going. The next time 
>you go
>collecting take the kids from the aquatic science division of the 4H
>with you. I am taking the ones from our county (about 10) on a creek 
>stomp on
>July 11. This will introduce them to the natives and the law abiding 
>way to
>catch them ( no dynamite this time). :-) Some of the parents are going 
>also. If
>I happen to have a few of our application in the truck, oh well. I 
>have also
>talked to some of the surrounding counties and they are interested in 
>doing it
>next year.
>     Bill

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