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Planted tank

>How about a rundown on your plant setup?  CO2, substrate, etc.?

Sure! I have all my tanks planted to some extent but only one that is really
set up right and doing well. This tank is a 60 G (some say 65?). I use Hartz
Mountain Ph5 kitty litter (very important!) about 2 inches deep in the
bottom. Over that I put an inch of clean washed sand. I collected the sand
off a creek bank nearby. Why pay for what you get free?

I made one of the Do It Yourself Co2 rigs out of a 3 litter bottle. Put in 2
cups of sugar, yeast and some baking soda, attach a piece of airline tubing
to the bottle and the other end to the intake of the canister filter. Dirt
cheap and works great.

I built a hood for this tank and put in (2) 36" shop light fixtures with (4)
30 watt cool white bulbs. Plant growth has been great! That is why I have
the plants to share.

I love to watch people when they first see it. Most folks have never seen a
planted tank and they are as amazed at the plants as they are the fish!

Jeff <*\\><
"Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds
on the heel that has crushed it" Mark Twain
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