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Re: Keeping silversides (I'm addicted now!)

On Fri, 26 Jun 1998, Kudzu wrote:

> Well telling me that Silversides were hard to keep was more that I could
> stand. I just collected about 18 more and have them in two separate tanks.
> One is a 10 gallon that is fairly new and has lake water in it. (The same as
> the fish came from) The other is a long established 30G planted tank.
Uhg, Ewan is being a real pain in the rear, making it hard to type....
Here goes nothing:  Good for you , Kudzu.  Take the bull by the horns,
stand up to the chalenge, yadadada. :)  I wish youy luck, and hope you go
against the odds.
> After reading all the problems related to keeping them I realized that I
> have a distinct advantage over most folks. Once I catch mine I only have to
> transport them about 150 feet to my tanks. So I decided to try again and be
> more careful in my handling of them and try to keep the stress as low as
> possible.
I used to seine a little minnow thta was called a silverside or hiner from
Long Island.  We'd pull them up and toss them in buckets right at the
beach.  Unfortunately, most would die before they reached the buckets.  We
also tried seining schools of them and depositing them into a flat pan ,
seine and all.  The idea was that that way, they wouldn't have to sit on
the beach for any tiem at all while we searched the net.  Even then, we
had a lot of casualities.  
> Yes I am now hooked! Half of my tanks have natives in them now. Even decided
> to use one in my living room so I could show folks what is in our river.
Yet another addict! :)  Score one for Natives, and NFC. :)

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