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Re: Chats on Sundays


I've been there when I could and will continue to do so.  Once or twice a
month is fine... weekly is also fine, but I won't be there every time.
Topics are good & so are experts...anything to enhance the chat time.  
Be there this Sunday?


> From: mcclurg luke e     <mcclurgl at washburn_edu>
> To: NFC Discussions <NFC at actwin_com>
> Subject: Chats on Sundays
> Date: Thursday, June 25, 1998 1:09 PM
> hey folks,
>   Just wanted to let everyone know that the chat room has been pretty
> vacant on Sunday evenings.  I know a lot of people are busy, but if I can
> drive 20 + miles one way to join in on the chat, perhaps a few others
> could as well...   This excludes working people and those with previous
> commitments of course.
>   I've been passing around a suggestion that we go from a weekly format
> a bi-weekly one for now.  At least until membership and participation
> picks up.  A few new people have showed up on various Sundays to be left
> with only me and maybe one other person to talk with.  (if I'm the only
> one a new member has to talk to, we are in SERIOUS trouble! :-)...)
>   So, anyone have any suggestions as to how we can up participation?  If
> our Web page says we'll be there every week, shouldn't we be there every
> week?  Maybe several "experts" can volunteer to log-on on a specific
> weekend?  Maybe changing the Web page to say, for example, the first and
> third Sundays of each month?  It might put some new people off to sign on
> to a chat and not have anyone show up...
>   Anyway, this is now open for discussion.  Hopefully it will draw as
> attention as other discussion have this week.  :-)
> Luke McClurg