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Re: Melanistic H. formosa


I believe Robert Rice has mentioned here before that the H. formosa in the
European trade is almost exclusively the gold form. I downloaded an H.
formosa photograph from a fish wholesaler in the Czech Republic that could
hardly have been more unlike the H. formosa I'm now raising. I'd love to
have some of the gold form or the melanistic form, hence my original
message...although, alas, so far no luck.


>Hello All,
>I had some H. formosa that would occasionally spit out a gold form.  I
>haven't seen one for a time, but they were pretty.  You could see the wee
>things from across the room.  I believe xanthic is the proper term for that
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>From: Terry Mercer <tmercer at wichita_infi.net>
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>Date: Sunday, June 21, 1998 7:53 PM
>Subject: Melanistic H. formosa
>>Is it my imagination, a faulty memory, or did someone (I'd swear it was
>>report on the list not too long ago that they ran into a colony of
>>melanistic H. formosa?
>>Please assure me that this is not an early onset of Altszeimer's.