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BOUNCE nfc at actwin_com: Non-member submission from [Jackie <fishes2 at beaches_net>] (fwd)

Jackie, I"ve forwarded your post on to NFC (THe new name for the NANF
list).  To receive any mail, though, you're going to have to join the
list.  Theres instructions right in my sig. :)

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I have collected natives for 30 years off and on. I would like to know
what I have been collecting and enjoying. In Florida it is very hard to
find people that don't think I am crazy! I mean I'm out in these places
where snakes and everything else is with a net. The darters and fishes
I've caught are as you know, very pretty and interesting. If you would
e-mail me and give me information on the NANF and other people and
groups like this. I would thank you very much, I will anyway!!!        
Jackie Howell