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Re: Dealing with the real fish? problem

Oh wow!  That makes me feel better!  Maybe a little bit of intelligence could
be applied to the laws and if someone is found with sunfish that are game fish
in a net maybe a little more guidance by the game warden and a little less
fever to write tickets and confiscate peoples equipment and large fines for a
simple mistake might make more sense.  I mean really, If I want a blue gill
for my tank I'll just legally catch one on hook and line.  Most fishermen know
the difference between species if fish on a level much above the average
person.  And in the case of the Redfin pickerel it almost never is found away
from the very small streams it inhabits as it feeds on gambusia.  I happen to
be both a fisherman and a native aquarium nut, most fishermen are able to
learn a little bit about their quarry.